Available Products

In addition to the products listed below, we stock and order-in many other options for our patients. Please contact us for pricing or further information.

  • Custom orthotic insoles
  • TENS units and supplies
  • Custom knee braces (Sports and Arthritic)
  • Post-surgical cooling systems (Iceman, Cryocuff etc)
  • Post-surgical knee immobilizer braces
  • Shoulder slings
  • Soft or rigid braces/supports for: knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists etc.
  • Elbow band supports for tendonitis (Band-It)
  • Low profile finger splints to correct arthritic misalignment (Oval-8)
  • Shoulder pulley systems
  • Herbal pain relief balm (Ramedica)
  • Pain patches (Salonpas)
  • Topical pain reliever (Biofreeze – tube, roll-on and spray)